Stolway Flameproof HVAC

Flameproof HVAC

About Us

Refrigeration Engineering provides process cooling, gas compression, natural gas processing, and tank cooling solutions for oil, gas and downstream industries. Since 1987 we have built a strong reputation in the oil and gas industry becoming globally recognised in our field.

Refrigeration Engineering provides flexible supply options to meet varying customer requirements including:

  • Complete skid mounted packages – these can be fabricated in Australia, or closer to your preferred location.
  • Process design – featuring process simulation, detailed engineering, documentation and drawings along with process guarantee and major component supply, for  integration into a larger system by the client.
  • Consulting services – providing expert advice on improving your plant processes, capacity upgrades and more.
  • Customer interface engineering – executing detailed engineering in a close working relationship with the customer and thus integrating with overall plant process equipment at an early stage.