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Gas Compression

At Refrigeration Engineering we take a flexible approach to designing gas compression packages specific to customer requirements. This involves a high level of interface engineering, taking into account associated equipment, difficult site conditions and unusual operating parameters.

Our experience and expertise is in total gas compression solutions, and includes:

• Fuel gas compression.
• Lift gas booster compressors to increase capacity in ageing fields.
• Wet, dirty and corrosive gases.
• Screw and reciprocating compressor systems.

Our gas compression packages include lube oil systems, scrubbers and separators, pre-coolers/pre-heaters and aftercoolers, as well as accumulators to dampen pulsation and allow uninterrupted flow during compressor changeover.

The materials in our compressors include stainless steel, normal and low temperature carbon steels, and cast iron. Piping and exchangers can include exotic materials such as cupro-nickel, special alloy steels and titanium.

Systems to handle food grade gases, such as CO2 for beverages, are available.

Gas Compression Case Studies