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Flameproof HVAC

Process Cooling

Refrigeration Engineering’s traditional core business is process cooling. In this field we apply our experience and leading edge technology to develop innovative solutions for our customers’ requirements.

For example, by using 3D solid modelling and CFD analysis, our highly skilled experienced team of engineers and designers has been able to design ultra efficient separation systems. Another good example is our success in engineering a refrigeration system using the lowest temperature oil flooded screw compressor ever installed, operating down to -100°C.

We turn advanced concepts like this into reliable, practical solutions. Benefits to our customers include high system efficiency, high reliability, low power requirements, low maintenance, compact operator friendly packages, with safety as our highest priority.

Typical equipment applications of our process cooling technology include gas liquefaction, fertiliser plants, glycol cooling and thermal storage for flattening load peaks in batch processes.

Process Cooling Case Studies